Currency denominations effect: A retired army died in banking queue

Daudnagar, Aurangabad Bihar

Today, 15th November 2016 a retired army died in SBI banking queue. 64 year old Surendra Sharma was a retired Indian army used to live at Arai village near Daudnagar locality. Since Rs. 500 and 1,000 currency denominations called illegal tender by government of India; people are in rush to get those denominations converted into valid denominations. Its been noticed that people in different area dying due to this hard decision taken by government either in banking queue or at homes/offices. ATM is not working properly and people are waiting in long queue outside banks and they are spending bunch of hours to deposit Cheque, Old Currency, Withdrawal or Currency Exchange. This old man was in the queue to get a cheque deposited in his bank account. There was no separate queue for senior citizen and Mr. Sharma got Heart attack and he died in front of State Bank of India Daudnagar branch.

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